July 25, 2004

Presidential Candidate Natal/Progressed Charts

Here are the natal charts progressed to the 11/2/2004 U.S. General Election of Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry (courtesy AstroDienst.)

Follow the link for the gory details, but a fast summary:

G.W. Bush: b. 7/6/1946 7:26 am EDT New Haven CT.
Sun 13 Cancer 46
Moon 16 Libra 42
Ascendent 7 Leo 06

Mr. Bush is coming up on his second Saturn return on 10/9/2004. His progressed Sun transits conjunct over his natal Mars sometime this year (it's too late to do the arithmetic.)

J. F. Kerry: b. 12/11/1943 7:10 am MWT Denver CO.
Sun 18 Sag 37
Moon 17 Gemini 02
Ascendent 5 Sag 04

Mr. Kerry has 4 natal planets - including the Moon - in Gemini, opposing his Sagittarius Sun. (Not to use partisan slurs, but this suggests both quickness and duality of mind.) His progressed Mars is almost on his natal Mars because it was retrograde until 1973 (end of U.S. involvement in Vietnam,) then went direct.

Much more later, but I'm sleepy now.

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July 06, 2004


Harmonics are a generalization of aspects. Two planets/angles are in Nth harmonic relation if the angle seperating them is (within orb) 360/N. So, conjunction is a 1st harmonic [360/1 = 360 = 0 (mod 360),] opposition is a 2nd harmonic [360/2 = 180] and so forth.

The 20th Century English astrologer John Addey pioneered the study of harmonics. Here is a two-bit tour of the subject. Not surprisingly, some people try to assign numerological signifigance to harmonics. Your humble obedient blogger is ignorant of numerology, so cannot intelligently comment on the matter.

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We're Back

Your humble obedient blogger has been taking an extended break. Now, it's over. Time to get back into the hurly-burly of the blogosphere. Enjoy.

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