March 18, 2004


In "Sedna Bits and Pieces" March 17, 2004, I wrote that Sedna was sextile Neptune when I damn well should have written that they are square. Doh!

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Feminist Take on Sedna

Somebody had to do it.

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More Sedna Mythology

A much darker view of Sedna: in this cycle, her father chopped off her fingers when dumping her out of the boat. Her fingers became the sea creatures the Inuits hunt. When the sins of the people become too heavy, her hair gets entangles with sea debris and a angakok (shaman) must descend into the sea and comb her hair clean to restore good hunting.

Some regionally alternate names of Sedna are Arnakua'gsak and Nerrivik.

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You Can Quote Me on That

Nice collection of astrological quotes even if the page author should lose their current color sense.

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Sedna's Natal Chart

Thanx to Joe Perez for putting this up. I guess it's not clear when someone said 'Aha! This is something new" so we don't have angles and houses. But the chart is watery and mutable - Pisces again. And that Sun-Mars-Saturn grand trine in the water signs (plus the Sun-Moon trine in water) is real pretty! There's also that Mars-Venus/Pluto-Jupiter mutable T-square to ponder. The Gemini slot there is empty - so does this mean Sedna's giving us a lot to puzzle over?

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Today's Aspects 3-18-2004

(all times in UTC)

Sun 28 Pisces
Moon 21 Aquarius (00:00)
Moon 28 Aquarius (12:00)
Moon 0 Pisces 0 (15:26)
Moon 5 Pisces (23:59)
Mercury 11 Aries
Venus 13 Taurus
Mars 28 Taurus
Jupiter 12 Virgo (R)
Saturn 6 Cancer
Uranus 4 Pisces
Neptune 14 Aquarius
Pluto 22 Sagittarius

Moon sextile Pluto (partile 01:46) (you feel like it's all coming unglued)
Saturn trine Uranus applying (old habits are breaking up)
Mercury square Neptune applying (and your thoughts are getting fuzzy)
Sun square Pluto separating (and that's how you like it)
Sun sextile Mars (partile 09:47) (so take the chance to act)
Venus trine Jupiter separating (and draw into your circle what you really want)
Venus square Neptune applying (even from your wildest fantasies)
Moon square Mars (partile 12:15) (before you feel you're acting recklessly)
Moon enters Pisces (15:26) (and then you start feeling lost)
Moon conjunct Uranus (partile 22:56) (and shattered)

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March 17, 2004

Sedna Evening Wrapup

Well, now AstroDienst is weighing in with a Sedna ephemeris, and they're calling it 17 Taurus 41. I suppose I trust them more than my (literally) back of the envelope conversion this morning. I do hope we get closure on this soon. Also interesting is that according to them, Sedna was retrograde until the end of January.

Here is "Mystic Meg" identifying Sedna as 'the planet of passion.' One vote there for Scorpio rulership, I suppose (she also points out that Sedna was first spotted 11/14/2003.) But she's also (as of yesterday, anyways) sticking with the 10th planet thingie. Pass the salt, please.

Here's one for Pisces (as I had speculated earlier) and is unafraid of multiple rulership - she forgets about Jupiter and thinks a Neptune/Sedna marriage/rulership is just Jim Dandy. So do I, but I still think it's rude to just neglect Jove in Pisces as too many moderns do.

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Sedna Bits and Pieces

Now, the IAU Minor Planet Center has a ephemeris up for Sedna and, yep, it's currently at 18 Taurus 28 (sextile Neptune today and sextile the Moon this evening.) By the way, they have an online ephemeris service that is way too neat.

Guy on kuro5hin argues that Sedna is a malific:

"Sedna, miserable, vain, tormented, and drowned, and turned into the wrath of the sea embodied, surely seems to qualify. "

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Today's Aspects 3-17-2004

(all times in UTC)

Sun 27 Pisces
Moon 7 Aquarius (00:00)
Moon 14 Aquarius (12:00)
Moon 21 Aquarius (23:59)
Mercury 9 Aries
Venus 12 Taurus
Mars 27 Taurus
Jupiter 12 Virgo (R)
Saturn 6 Cancer
Uranus 4 Pisces
Neptune 14 Aquarius
Pluto 22 Sagittarius

Venus trine Jupiter (partile 01:00)(attraction larger than life)
Moon sextile Mercury (partile 02:56) (take the chance to say what you feel)
Sun sextile Mars applying (go ahead, you want to)
Venus square Neptune separating (fantasy attractions are difficult)
Mercury square Saturn separating (your thoughts go cold)
Saturn trine Uranus applying (and things get shaken up)
Moon square Venus (partile 09:00) (feelings get hurt)
Moon conjunct Neptune (partile 12:08) (your feelings were illusion anyways)
Sun square Pluto separating (and you really want to end it)

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March 16, 2004


Fixed an annoying path problem that caused rss feed not to work - and munged the templates so the blog looked pretty cruddy. Prepare to re-ping, people.

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More about Sedna

OK, Chris is right and it does seem to be an Oort cloud body. It now has minor planet designation 2003 VB12 and orbital elements are now available if you want to try and get a peek. Not in New England tonight, though.

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Sedna in Mythology

In Inuit mythology, Sedna is the goddess of the sea (which makes one wonder if she's met Neptune/Posideon.) There are variants, of course (here, here, and here) but the core story seem to go thusly. A beautiful maiden reluctant to wed was married off by her father to a hunter who turned out to be a bird in disguise. Eventually, she returns to her father, and her husband in anger raises a storm. The father, in fright, tosses her into the sea, where she is transformed into an immortal.

The matter seems to be moot now, but the mythology would - in keeping with the matter of Pluto - be of help in determining which sign Sedna rules. Just off the top of my head, she sounds pretty Piscean to me - watery, mutable, losing herself (literally!) in the sea. But it would be asking too much, perhaps, to have three planets (Jupiter and Neptune also) ruling. She was involved with a hunter - Sagittarius? Nah, there's that fire thing which plays no part in the tales. The only water sign left with only one planet ruling is Cancer (Moon) and she does sound a bit like a homebody.

Anyways, I like the myth - I've always had a thing for ladies of the water. I mean, those naiads/nymphs must have been hot stuff seeing how Zeus couldn't keep it zipped around them.

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Planetoid Sedna

Sigh. It looks as if we don't get a real 10th planet after all. The thing is about the size of Pluto all right, but has a highly eccentric orbit with a period of about 10,000 years. Just more Kupier belt junk, although I'm sure the asteroid chasers will have a lot of fun with it. For what it's worth, right now it seems to be in Taurus (scroll down to message 18.)

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Today's Aspects

(all times in UTC)

Sun 26 Pisces
Moon 23 Capricorn (00:00)
Moon 0 Aquarius (12:00)
Moon 7 Aquarius (23:59)
Mercury 7 Aries
Venus 11 Taurus
Mars 27 Taurus
Jupiter 12 Virgo (R)
Saturn 6 Cancer
Uranus 4 Pisces
Neptune 14 Aquarius
Pluto 22 Sagittarius

Sun sextile Mars (take an opportunity to express yourself)
Saturn trine Uranus (if you see something falling - give it a push)
Moon trine Mars (05:34) (and you'll feel good about it)
Mercury square Saturn (but bite your tongue)
Venus trine Jupiter (then give your sweetie a wink)
Venus square Neptune (even if it's just all in your head)

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March 15, 2004


And we're off! Thanx to Cynical-C for their help in making this possible.

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