August 08, 2004

More 2004 US Election Analyses

The Mountain Astrologer (a very good resource) has a number of high quality links to online articles on the upcoming US General Election.

Of course, people are paying close attention to Mr. Bush's 2nd Saturn return in October. Here is a traditional astrologer who thinks it's bad news for his re-election (it's in his natal 12th house.)

I know next to nothing about Vedic Astrology, so I can't evaluate this article but the author also thinks it's bye-bye Bush in November.

On election conditions in general, this article looks to the Sun-Moon and Mercury-Saturn trines on election day for an indication that this election will not be as confused and ill-resolved as the 2000 election. Let me note that both trines are in watery signs (Cancer-Scorpio) so that perhaps the most we could say is that it'll *feel* well resolved (with murky stuff lurking under the surface from the Scorpion Sun and Mercury.)

Posted by pvcneop at August 8, 2004 03:54 PM

The moon phases look good over there pvc. I should put it on my blog right now.

Posted by: chris at August 10, 2004 09:38 AM