March 17, 2004

Sedna Evening Wrapup

Well, now AstroDienst is weighing in with a Sedna ephemeris, and they're calling it 17 Taurus 41. I suppose I trust them more than my (literally) back of the envelope conversion this morning. I do hope we get closure on this soon. Also interesting is that according to them, Sedna was retrograde until the end of January.

Here is "Mystic Meg" identifying Sedna as 'the planet of passion.' One vote there for Scorpio rulership, I suppose (she also points out that Sedna was first spotted 11/14/2003.) But she's also (as of yesterday, anyways) sticking with the 10th planet thingie. Pass the salt, please.

Here's one for Pisces (as I had speculated earlier) and is unafraid of multiple rulership - she forgets about Jupiter and thinks a Neptune/Sedna marriage/rulership is just Jim Dandy. So do I, but I still think it's rude to just neglect Jove in Pisces as too many moderns do.

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The interactive includes a Sedna ephemeris.

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