Harvest Moon Compulsive

This website is evidence of, and the product of, an obsession. An obsession with the finest family of games ever to have emerged from the Japanese imagination to inhabit millions of silicon and plastic mind-enslavers (aka video game consoles,) and from there to capture the minds of untold compulsive personalities, young and old alike, with their irresistible meme of rustic productivity and romance.

An obsession so powerful and all-engrossing that people in its grip, instead of devoting their time and energies to things like finding cures for cancer or consistant finite quantum gravity theories, devote hours on end to writing fan fiction and drawing fan art.

The owner of this website is just such an obsessive. He has not only played these games for literally hundreds of hours, but has written long, convoluted and decidedly odd short stories and novellas based upon them. He offers no apologies for such activities. He, in fact, glories in them.

My web-name is pvc, and I'm a Harvest Moon addict.